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Providing Postpartum Doula and Lactation Support New Parents in Southern Maine Deserve

Let me help ease the transition into the fourth trimester by being an extra set of hands while your family bonds. I offer non-medical physical, emotional, and informational doula support to new parents

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Physical Support

Physical support includes light housekeeping tasks such as getting laundry caught up, doing dishes, providing meal prep, and general tidying.

Emotional Support

Listening to the birth story, encouraging your transition into parenthood, screening for mental health concerns, and building confidence in baby care or self care are ways I support new parents emotionally.

Informational Support

I provide non-medical guidance in newborn care, breastfeeding/feeding, as well as in baby wearing. soothing, and sleep.

“With a postpartum doula you can expect a more enjoyable maternity leave, non-judgemental support, expert advice, an extra set of hands, and decreased risk of postpartum depression and anxiety!”

– The Doula Darcy

5 Benefits of Hiring a Postpartum Doula

My name is Heather and I live in the small town of Alfred, Maine. My husband and I have two adult daughters, an energetic chocolate lab, and one lazy ginger cat. On days off, you can find me walking the dog, going for a hike, snuggling the cat, or soaking up the sun (when it’s warm enough to be outside)!

I am a postpartum doula and lactation counselor who is incredibly passionate about supporting families in the transition of bringing home a new baby. Whether you’re a new or experienced parent, having a new baby in the home requires adjustment and a supportive village.

As your doula, I’m there to give a listening ear, provide another set of hands to care for your infant while you nap, supply evidence based information on feeding, or work in the kitchen to make meals for the whole family.

I work with families within a 30 minute radius from Alfred, ME

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Frequently Asked Questions

What might the postpartum doula do when she comes to my home?

The role of the postpartum doula is fluid. An important part of her role is to come alongside the parents and together decide what type of support they will need. Some families need educational support: breastfeeding, infant support, and how to care for the new mother. Others rely more on the non-judgmental emotional support that the DONA International postpartum doula has to offer. Still others have more practical needs – like feeding the family and running errands. Most families find that their doula provides all of these things, according to the needs that develop, as well as the ever-important communication between the doula and her clients.

What may doula support of a family during daytime include?

A postpartum doula supporting a family during daytime hours might…

  • Provide hands-on education on infant and mother care
  • Come alongside the parents and help them to get to know the abilities and talents of their new baby
  • Create a nurturing, restful atmosphere in which parents may eat, shower and nap
  • Prepare light meals
  • Play with older children and offer suggestions for how to integrate the new baby into the family
  • Spend time with the baby, allowing parents to cuddle and have quality time with older children or just be alone together
  • Introduce parenting tips, helping parents to learn skills that will enable them to cope with their new responsibilities
  • Screen for hurdles such as breastfeeding challenges or postpartum mood disorders
  • Make referrals to any local or informational resources that the parents might need
  • Work herself out of a job by helping parents to gather the skills and resources that they will need in the upcoming weeks and months
  • Help to organize the nursery and home
  • Take care of the baby’s laundry
  • Offer a listening, non-judgmental ear

(source: DONA International)

How can I get in touch with you?

I do my best to make myself available to you when I am needed. To learn more about the services at Dragonfly Postpartum Doula Care visit the contact page or call me at (207) 807-3524.

Contact me today to schedule a free consultation.

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Dragonfly Postpartum Doula Care

Heather, PCD(DONA), CLC – Certified postpartum doula and Lactation Counselor


(207) 807-3524

Towns served: Alfred, Sanford, Waterboro, Hollis, Arundel, Biddeford, Saco, Old Orchard Beach, Wells, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, South Berwick, North Berwick, Rochester, Somersworth, Dover