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Permission To Rest… For The Postpartum Family

Having a baby is always a time of big transitions and even more so in these days of the COVID-19 pandemic.  How I want to be there in your home nurturing you when you bring baby home!  

Your needs are simple during the postpartum period…nutrition, hygiene, and rest.  If I were able to support you in person, I would be bringing you a glass of water and healthy snack while you were feeding baby.  I would be getting a load of laundry started.  I would encourage you to get into the shower or take a nap depending on how your night or morning has gone.  I would be doing meal prep to streamline dinner time.

However, I’m not able to do this right now.  What I can do is encourage you to listen to your body and do what you need to do.  

Is your biggest need right now nutrition?  Get up and grab a snack or eat a meal (make it small since you likely won’t be able to finish it in one sitting!) At some point in the day, try to get some veggies chopped for dinner so your meal time is that much quicker.  Or plan on meal delivery!  Or I can help set up a meal train so that family and friends are able to provide some meals for your family.  One additional service I can offer is to do your grocery shopping for you!  This would help with both the nutrition and rest needs!  That’s a win!

Is your biggest need right now getting a shower?  Make that your priority and get creative if you have to.  I would often bring my daughter into the bathroom with me so that I could shower and still soothe her if needed. It may not be a spa experience but at least you’re getting clean!  If your partner is home, this is the perfect time for him to snuggle with baby so you can shower solo!  

Is your biggest need rest?  This one is often more difficult to do.  We live in a busy society, even now in lockdown.  So much focus is on productivity.  Are you learning a new skill or cleaning out your closets? is the message.  Let me be the first, perhaps, to give you permission to rest!  It is okay to leave the dishes, laundry, tidying, and mess.  I’m going to repeat for emphasis: It. Is. Okay. To. Leave. The. Mess!  It’s ok to be focusing on caring for yourself so that you can continue to care for your family.  Sleep is so important for both physical and mental health! Make sure the children are safe, of course, and get the rest you need!  Even if it’s a quick 20 minute nap while baby and older sibling are sleeping at the same time, DO IT!  Please do not use that small window for cleaning if you’re desperate for extra zzz’s!  Permission to rest…your body and family will thank you!

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